Download efootball 2022 mobile for Android direct link

Download efootball 2022 mobile for Android direct link

The PES 2022 Mobile game is one of the most powerful series of football games on Android and iPhone because of the graphics and the way it plays and the clubs inside the game. 2022 online play it with your friends

We are talking about PES 22 Mobile, which presents the PES series in general. It is one of the strongest series of football games that have passed in history and Konan has always been in love until the end of 2017. After that Konami started doing it in a random way and not organized in addition to the fact that the game is paid and not worth the money that you pay in it, but The mobile version is always a free version and we all enjoy it. The only problem is that there are no Arab teams and Arab teams for this day. We will learn how to add these teams in a healthy and easy way that works on Android 11

In the beginning, which was enabling PES 2022 mobile with Arab teams, Arab teams and Arab clubs, you go to Google Play and download the PES 2021 game for today. We have the best Android store


Download pes 2022 mobile game

After you have downloaded the PES 2021 mobile game from Google Play, now you download the patch from the link provided. It is only one file. All you have to do is download and go down to the bottom and click on the download link. You will be directed to the conversion page. Wait 10 seconds. You go down to the bottom After that, you will download the game link, you will click on the download button, and you can download the patch on your phone from the Android store


After downloading the PES 22 Mobile Patch in the Arab teams, transfers and Arab crews, you first unzip the patch by clicking on it and then click on the word extract here. A file appears. All you have to do is copy this file and transfer it to android/obb/jp.konamei.pesam After transferring it to this path, you paste, and then agree to the replacement, and thus it will have its place in PES 2022 Mobile with the latest transfers, crews, and its players in separation, teams and Arab clubs. It is one of the most powerful Android football games

Download PES 2022 mobile game

Features of downloading the game PES 2022 with separation and Arab teams
You get all the Arab teams such as Egypt, Morocco and other Arab countries
You have the entire Egyptian league, Mister Al-Ahly Al-Ismaili and other Egyptian teams
In addition to all the Arab clubs added to this patch, you can enjoy it inside the game
You can play against your friends and their competitions using Egypt beside Tunisia or Morocco when your friend is downloading the patch
Games You can enter the cups and match online through real people and compete with them
The game play inside the game is very cool and does not need any modification
In addition to the way the player is very fun and is considered among the strongest and best football games for Android

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